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Blue Freak

I enjoy game development in Python, it's nothing too serious it's simply fun to do and keeps your coding skills nicely sharpened. At the moment I am working on a text based adventure called Nouvel Espace!

If you want to play the text based adventure NOUVEL ESPACE, you can download it here.

By making use of GitHub I can share the fun (under the appropriate license), you can click the GitHub icon at the bottom of this page to go to my profile. From there you can browse the projects I am working on. If you want to jump straight to my current project you can click here. I can also offer some coaching to get you started in Python development. In addition to Python, I have some experience in C++ and C#, although the C# is a little rusty now since moving to Linux.

Orange Freak

Game development is a great way to learn a new development language. Firstly because it will touch on a wide variety of programming skills, but also because it keeps the learning fun. Sure, you could write a program to change one set of data into another...or you could develop a game!

But that's not all from me, I have a few other skills that come in very handy! I am a highly experienced manager within the field of Information Technology, please see my LinkedIn profile for more information. Also, I am a professional tester. I can test anything from games right up to large scale software developments and integrations.

If you want to contact me about anything at all, feel free to reach out via social media. Links to my social media accounts can be found at the top of this page.